Saint James Way

Loci Iacobi Project

Goals of the Creative Loci Iacobi project

– Strengthen international co-operation regarding the Saint James Ways

– Encourage the development of new technologies for Saint James travellers (interactive products, 3D experiences, immersive contents…)

– Enhance the tourist experience of travellers by improving the access to information and the understanding of complementary resources (cultural, natural and historical) through ICT and letting them make their own practice

– Raise awareness about the protection and sustainability of the cultural heritage of the participating countries

– Improve the security of pilgrims thanks to georeferenced maps allowing them to find their way even when signs are missing

– Foster synergies between the tourist and creative industries

– Expand the network of route variants

– Position the Saint James Ways as a tourist product, adapting and updating the offers and services

– Boost the offer of new services around the Saint James Ways: booking of accommodation, purchase of complementary services, and such

– Continue the update and develop the products created for the project thanks to existing and future technologies